Discover Chihuahuas

Chihuahuas are probably the most popular of all the pint sized dogs around.

As a rule, they do not weigh more that 6 pounds. They make perfect pets for folks who live in very small homes or apartments.

They are graceful, quick and very alert. For their size, these little cuties are quite hardy.

This breed comes in two types, long coat and smooth coat. They range in color from pure white to pure black and every splash of color added as marks to those and other solids. Both types of coats are soft, but the long coat will have an undercoat most of the time.

Amazingly, Chihuahuas are thought to be able to recognize their own kind and actually prefer other "Chi's" over any other type of dog. These dogs have charming personality and are rather easy to care for. They have “saucy” expressions on their faces and have cute terrier-like personalities.

These little doggies are very intelligent, love to cuddle, and are easy travel companions. They tend to live longer than other small breeds, living into their teens and even twenties.

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