How To Pick Good Dog Breeders

If you are interested in a particular breed you should definitely locate ethical dog breeders of that type.

Don’t take a chance on buying a puppy from a store.

Responsible breeders don’t sell to stores and quite often store puppies have diseases. A good breeder is concerned for the dog’s health and stands behind it with a written guarantee.

Ask a veterinarian in your area for the name of a reputable breeder. Ask friends as well, they may have the breed you are interested in and will know of one.

A good breeder should:

  • Have records of veterinary visits
  • Make puppy’s medical history available as well as telling you the shots she needs
  • Tell you how to care for the puppy
  • Give you all the information available about the puppy (i.e. characteristics)
  • Raise the puppy inside a home and not in a kennel run. They make better pets.
  • Tell you how to train the dog
  • Have references available from other customers
  • Feed puppies high quality healthful food
  • Want your whole family to meet the dog before buying
  • Not let you have the dog if you’re not suitable for it
  • Breed only one or two breeds at the most

Make sure the dog breeder you choose truly loves the breed.

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