Protect Your Dog With Dog Car Seats

Dog car seats are great because small dogs like to wander all over the car when riding.

Not only can an unrestrained dog interfere with your driving, it is very dangerous for the dog and anyone riding in the vehicle with her.

Seat belts hold the seat in and the set has a strap that attaches to the dog’s harness. Harnesses are safer to use than collars for this purpose.

A dog car set protects your little dog from air bags and being slammed to the floor or into the windshield or dashboard.

Various types are available, such as:

  • Some that convert from car seat to carrying tote to pet bed
  • A small dog seat that has adjustable seat heights that lets the dog look out the window
  • Machine washable seats
  • Hammocks that attach from the back headrest to the front headrest. They adjust to fit most vehicles
  • Oversized seats with lambs wool interior
  • Dog car seats for two
  • A soft carrier on wheels converts to a seat and bed
Truck restraints for the pickup loving dog. Adjust to fit all sizes of pickup trucks

Molly says:

I don’t like to ride in my dog car seat so I bark. My Mommy makes me ride in it anyway. I like to ride in the car, but if I’m not in my car seat I put my head out the window and that’s dangerous.

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