Hey! Dog Day Care...A Lot More Fun Than Regular Boarding!

Dog day care is the hot alternative to regular boarding in a kennel.

Although doggie day care isn’t for every pup we find it to be a wonderful experience for most dogs.

Check our facilities in your town before you board your pup. Make sure he’ll be comfortable and safe.

The main advantages of dog day care over regular boarding are:

  • Cage less boarding all day
  • Dogs are allowed to play and socialize together in a large room and/or yard.
  • Dogs get more exercise.
  • Some day cares have special fun activities (extracurricular activities)
  • They usually have play equipment like jungle gyms.
    They have dens and beds to rest on.
  • Individual attention is given.
  • Some have nurseries or separate rooms for small, shy or geriatric dogs.
  • There are group activities.
  • Snack times
  • Nap times
  • Bus service for pick-up and drop-off
  • Human supervision at all times

A lot of canine camps have extracurricular activities like:

  • Swimming
  • Movie days
  • Mountain hikes
  • Gym class
  • Agility courses
  • Fun ball or Frisbee throwing
  • Grooming
  • Group activities

Questions to ask a day care:

  • Are staff members trained?
  • What do you do in case of an emergency?
  • Do you provide additional walks?
  • Can I bring my dog’s food, toys or bedding?
  • Do you offer discounts for more than one dog?
  • Do I need to make a reservation?

General requirement for dog day care:

  • Must be spayed or neutered
  • Must have proof of current vaccinations
  • Must be socialized with people and other dogs (no aggressive behavior)
  • Must fill our an application or profile

Check the facility for other requirements and go visit ahead of time to make sure it’s right for you and your dog.

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