Think About This...Dog Dental Health

Dog dental health is just like human’s dental health.

They get tarter, gingivitis, cracked teeth, bad breath and more serious dental problems that can lead to overall poor health.

Tips for healthy teeth and gums:

  • Feed a proper diet
Brush teeth regularly
  • Inspect for any problems
  • Get regular dental check-ups at the vet

Again, like humans, start regular brushing when your dog is young and it will become part of his everyday life.

Tools for teeth cleaning:

  • Toothpaste made for dogs (no human toothpaste should be used, it could be harmful if swallowed)
  • A doggie toothbrush or a rubber finger brush

Prevention is easy…take care of your dog’s teeth and gums like you do your own. Give her hard marrow bones, brush her teeth and make sure she goes for routine dental check-ups.

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