Learn About Dog Ear Health

Dog ear health is an important part of your pup’s overall health.

Some dogs are more prone to ear infections and problems. Generally floppy ears get dirtier and have a warm moist environment, perfect for breeding problems. Cropped ears get more air, so less problems.

Molly, my little Jack Russell Terrier, has cropped ears and is prone to ear problems. So, I have to check and clean her ears often.

Signs of ear trouble are:

  • ear scratching excessively
  • stinky ear odor
  • excess wax
  • head shaking
  • redness

Never use cotton swabs in your dog’s ears. Get a dog’s ear cleaning solution and drench a cotton ball with the solution and swab the ears. Massage it down into his ears. Molly loves this! Be sure to read the directions on any solution you buy or ask you Vet or groomer for tips.

Good dog ear health is much more likely if you check and clean your dog’s ears regularly.

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