Look! Dog Furniture That's Stylish And Functional

If you can’t stand Fido sitting on the couch anymore, why not buy him his own couch.

Dog furniture is chic and fun.

Believe it or not, there are so many furniture choices for your small dog.

When you look closer at what’s available for your small dog, you’ll find couches, chairs, ottomans, daybeds, chaise lounges and even miniature futons. These items can range anywhere in price from $99 to over $1000.

The most appealing aspect of buying your pooch his or her own furniture is that most companies offer a wide variety of fabrics in many colors and patterns. They all make it pretty easy to match the décor of your home. Some companies even offer custom matching.

If you decide that you just must have dog furniture, remember to take measurements for the area you have in mind (just like people furniture). Ask the company that you’re ordering from if they can send you swatches so you can make an educated choice.

Some furniture pieces offer features such as natural wood, wicker, fur, fringe and bolster style pillows. If your small dog is in a chewing stage or has destructive tendencies, look for simple lines in the furniture and material.

Buying furniture is definitely for the prince or princess type dogs. Buy something fun and cute that goes with your small dog’s personality.

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