Here They Are...The Essentials In Dog Grooming Supplies

The right dog grooming supplies are very important.

If you are grooming your dog yourself having the proper tools assures a better and easier job.

Here are some dog grooming supplies you’ll need:

  • A brush. Ask your vet what kind of brush is suitable for your dog. Different breeds need different brushes.
  • A comb is necessary for some breeds.
  • Trimming scissors
  • Nail cutters. Have your vet show you how to cut your dog’s nails. If you don’t know how to do it you could hurt your dog.
  • Blood stopping powder or cornstarch (to stop nail bleeding).
  • A Chamois cloth for shining a smooth coat
  • Dog shampoo suitable for your pooch.
  • A rubber mat for the tub so there’s no slipping.
  • A hand-held sprayer to wet and rinse your dog
  • Towels
  • A dryer
  • A dog toothbrush, rubber finger or gauze to wrap around your finer.
  • Dog toothpaste.
  • Cotton balls moistened with warm water for cleaning “sleep” from the eyes.
  • A favorite treat as a reward.

Remember to get advice from your veterinarian on anything you’re not sure of.

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