Dog Grooming Tips

Good dog grooming not only keeps your dog beautiful but keeps him healthy also.


It gives you a chance to become best friends with your beautiful dog and at the same time lets him know you are the boss (you are keeping him under control while grooming him).

If you’re doing the grooming yourself, you will need dog grooming supplies. Before choosing a professional groomer, by all means get a recommendation from friends or from your veterinarian.

Know what you want and what you want to avoid (ask your vet about this) before you begin and let your groomer know what you expect.

Regular grooming is a good time to give your dog a check-up. You can spot small problems before they become big ones.

Don’t forget to check and clean the ears and eyes. You should also brush the teeth on a regular basis, but never use human toothpaste.

You don’t have to have “the works” done at the groomer every time. You can get certain services a la carte, such as nail clipping, bathing (use a good shampoo to keep his coat beautiful), dental check-up or anal sac expression.

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