Let's Talk About Dog Health

Dog health is like human health.

Eat right, exercise, you know, all the things we need are basically what your dog needs.

Keeping your dog well cuts your medical expenses and makes for a happy dog.

Here are a few tips for preventive care:

  • Buy a dog from a reputable breeder or…
  • Get a clean bill of health from the shelter or pound
  • Brush regularly
  • Give him a skin and coat exam
  • Regular exercise
  • Keep toenails trimmed
  • Keep parasites (fleas, ticks or worms) under control

* Clean his ears regularly

  • Check his eyes regularly
  • Don’t overfeed your dog
  • Feed your dog high-quality human grade food (we recommend a homemade diet with cooked protein and veggies)
  • Spay or neuter your dog
  • Keep vaccines up to date
  • Take him for yearly Vet check-ups

* Take him for regular dental cleanings

  • Make sure he has plenty of clean water
  • Try doggie massage
  • Learn canine first aid

* Check into dog insurance

Lots of love and attention should be at the top of the list to keep your dog healthy and very happy.

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