Carefully Choose Dog Leashes and Dog Harnesses

Use dog leashes or a body harness instead of a collar on dogs that have soft windpipes, on dogs with thick necks and small breeds.

Dog harnesses are used to attach a leash to if the dog’s shape isn’t good for a regular collar.

They are also good for dogs that tend to get excited and jump.

Like collars, leashes come in different materials and styles:

  • Leather: expensive, strong, wears well, doesn’t smell and is comfortable for the human hand. Don’t get it wet.

  • Nylon: lots of colors and styles, strong, can get wet, won’t shrink and is very durable
  • Flexi Leads: retractable cord, gives dog freedom, you control the line but possibility of skin burns if the cord wraps around you.
  • Training Leash: helps teach commands and good walking

Check your local leash laws and remember be courteous when walking your dog. A well trained dog is a pleasure to be around.

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