Dog Names Show Off Your Pup's Personality

Choosing dog names for a pup should reflect his personality and a little bit of yours too.

Image is everything... here’s a few tips to come up with the perfect pooch name:

  • National origin of the breed (i.e. Fritz for a German Shepard or Jacques for a French poodle)
  • Personality of the dog (i.e. Wild Eyed Teddy for a Jack Russell Terrier or Bozo for a dog that’s a clown)
  • Movie names, if they fit your dog (i.e. Scooby, Scarlet, Simba or even Brad Pitt for a pit bull). Use your imagination
  • Masculine or feminine (i.e. Fifi for a teacup poodle or Duke, Major and Harley for a Rottweiller or Doberman
  • Working-dog names (i.e. Shep, Cowboy or Pistol Pete for a herding dog, Snowball for an avalanche search and rescue dog or Chase and Hunter for a hunting dog)
  • Your favorite human name-if it fits the dog (i.e. Jake or Lucy)
  • Physical Characteristics (i.e. Spot, Shorty, Blondie, Face, Fuzzy or Patch)

Speaking of Physical characteristics, we had a terrier mutt of some kind. He was mostly white with a brown spot on the base of his back and a dash on his tail. It was dot dash, Morse code for the letter a (Abel). His name had to be Abel.

Whatever dog name you come up with, your pup won’t care…as long as you don’t call him late for supper.

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