Picture This....Dog Photography

Dog photography is important.

Your small dog is part of the family and should be portrayed in photos just like every other family member.

You will want to showcase your pup in the best possible way. Lighting, composition, and expression are all important elements to great pet photography.

Having a lot of patience is key. If you are anxious, then your dog will be anxious.

These are the best tips on making your pooch look his/her best in your dog photography:

  • Get down to the dog’s level and get as close as you possibly can. Fill the frame with pup’s face for a beautiful shot.
  • Find an area that is comfortable for your dog. Go to his special spot or area for great dog photography.
  • Lighting is important. Natural light outdoors is best, but not direct sunlight. Shoot pictures in the shade on a bright day or on an overcast but bright day.
  • Avoid “red eye” by shooting outdoors, or by using light on the side of the dog. Use to “red eye reduction” setting on your camera.
  • Avoid the blob look with dark or white dogs and use the lighting suggestions above.
  • Make sure that there are no distractions in the background. Even when outdoors, clean the area of anything you don’t want to show in the photograph.
  • Props and costumes are great and can make for adorable shots, but it will only work out well if Fido is willing to participate.
  • Use treats whenever possible. It can really help you to make the dog pay attention.
  • Capture Really Cute Expressions. Make funny sounds. Say words that are attention getting. Even whisper to get that funny look on his face.
  • Have a helper nearby. Make sure it’s someone that your dog is comfortable with. This person can help you wrangle the pup at key moments.
  • Catch your dog doing something that is unique to her. Every dog has their little tricks and habits. These moments make for good composition.
  • Take A LOT of pictures. This ensures a lot to pick from when looking for the perfect picture.

Again, patience is the most important thing in dog photography. This should be an enjoyable experience for both of you, not a struggle. After all of your hard work, you will have beautiful snapshots that will last a lifetime.

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