Using Yummy Dog Treats

Dog treats are just that, treats!

The idea is to have fun, but you must use moderation.

It’s up to you to set the limits, only you have control.

Snacks aren’t always as nutritious as they should be and could cause weight gain. That could be a real problem and lead to some serious problems.

Goodies are a great training tool. Remember when you’re dishing out rewards they should be included in the dog’s food ration for the day.

Types of treats include:

  • Homeomade treats
  • Doggie biscuits
  • Pigs ears/snorts
  • Beefy chews
  • Organic cowhide

Molly’s Pick

Antioxidant Health Bars (I like them too. They don’t smell doggie)

Indy’s Pick

Gourmet Dental Treats

Treats for your dog are just like treats for you….everything in moderation.

Try these delicious dog treats recipes.

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