House training A Dog Can be Easier Than You Would Think

Be positive, never use threats and discipline during house training a dog.

Don’t get frustrated.

Be patient, it pays off.

Don’t push your dog’s nose in it when he goes. It can create fear in him.

Rewards are a better way to house train a dog.

Watch your dog and you will know when he has to go.

Take him outside when:

* He’s sniffing the floor

* Circling

* Running with nose to the floor

* Getting ready to squat

Don’t pick him up. He needs to learn to go to the door. Be consistent with house training a dog. Puppies need to go after eating, playing, walking or getting excited. Take him outside frequently.

You can’t watch him every minute. A crate is an excellent tool for this reason. Just make sure it’s not too small or so large that he can relieve himself in one section and sleep in another. Dogs are naturally clean and are not willing to soil their own quarters. Make sure it’s a pleasant place for him to be and that he doesn’t spend too much time in the crate.

You can paper train a dog, but you will just have to train him again when you’re ready for him to go outside.

Don’t punish him when he has an accident. It will cause him to be afraid and won’t be any help at all in training. If you see an accident about to happen stop him and clean it up right away. If you don’t see it happen clean it up when the dog’s not around. Keep a close eye on the dog to keep accidents to a minimum.

You can teach him to eliminate on cue by using the same command every time he goes and then giving praise.

House training a dog goes by quickly. Good luck!

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