Maltese Dogs Make Loyal Companions

The Maltese is a toy dog covered with a long white, straight coat from head to toe.

They end up being anywhere from 4-9 pounds, and measure about 8- 10 inches tall. They are compact dogs are about as long as they are tall.

These lively, playful dogs make excellent companion dogs as they are loyal and obedient to their owners. They do not require tons of exercise but do enjoy walks outdoors. They are perfect for apartment dwellers.

They are easy to teach tricks to but can sometimes be hard to housebreak. They are gentle and trusting but must be socialized with other dogs and small children. They can be snappy with young kids who treat them badly or as toys.

These beautiful dogs have a single coat that does not shed. This makes them ideal for the allergy prone person. They should be combed/brushed everyday, and bathed about once a week. For even easier care, you can keep your dog trimmed by a groomer. You should also clean your his eyes and beard daily to keep staining at bay.

A Maltese dog can give you 15 years or more of wonderful love, companionship and loyalty.

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