Miniature Pinschers Are Little Dynamos

Miniature Pinschers are a very popular Toy dog.

Their average weight is eight pounds and they stand from 10” to 12” inches high. Their color can be black, blue or chocolate, dark brown eyes are preferred. The coats on these dogs are short and smooth with average shedding. They are easy to maintain. Their life span is 14 to 15 years. Their litter size is 2 to 4.

Nick-named “Min Pins”, they are spirited, quick, curious, and love to amuse people. Min Pins bond easily to their owners and are very affectionate. They love to look after their families and make great watchdogs.

Miniature Pinschers can be stubborn and independent but are very smart and trainable. They are even tempered but are leery of strangers and other animals. These little beauties are great for one person or for families. Note that some are of the opinion that these dogs are not always right for very young children.

They are not bred from the Doberman Pinscher, even though they have very similar physical characteristics. They go back to the 16th century and may have descended from the German Pinscher.

Owning one of these compact dynamos can lead to a long loving relationship. They are sure to make you smile with their little antics and mischievous ways.

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