Making You Dog Even More Adorable in Small Dog Clothes

Small dog clothes are just so adorable and fun.

If you are lucky enough to have a dog that likes to wear clothes, and not all do, then there are so many choices for you.

Many pet stores have small dog clothing and the large pet super stores have clothing also. Of course there tons of catalogs out there that offer all kinds of doggy wear.

Perhaps the easiest place to find a wide variety of small dog clothes and accessories for your pooch is on the internet.

The most fun part of dog clothes is the enjoyment you get out matching your clothes to theirs, or matching their clothing to the occasion. Don’t forget that many of dog clothes offered are also functional.

Here are some clothing you may find to be available:

* Costumes

* Raincoats

* Sweaters

* Coats and Jackets

* Shoes and Boots

* T-Shirts

* Hats and Bonnets

* Dresses

* Vests

* Pajamas

* Wedding and Formal Wear

* Accessories

Have fun picking out clothes for your dog; just make sure that he or she is a willing participant.

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