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September 9, 2005 09:12 - The Silent Victims of Hurricane Katrina

Even today, people are still being rescued from homes that have been ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf Coast of the United States. Sadly, stories are coming out about the many many people who had to leave their pets behind at home or at separate shelters or worse yet, had to evacuate to other cities on buses and planes.

I think everyone has read about the little boy who was separated from his beloved little dog “Snowball” as he boarded a bus to Houston and became physically ill as he left. This is just one of probably hundreds of sad pet separation stories happening this week.

The Humane Society U.S. and the ASPCA are both reporting huge responses to the plight of these animals. Hundreds of animals have already been rescued by these organizations, and the work is ongoing.

If you would like to help these organizations you can contact
the Humane Society at 1-800-HUMANE-1 or at

and the ASPCA at

May 29, 2005 15:00 - Smart Nutrition for Your Small Dog

When you are considering the right food for your small dog, it’s best to find out just what is in the dog food. You really want food that is natural and wholesome. You want the food to have plenty of good protein, vitamins, minerals, the proper fats and even antioxidants.

Many dog foods contain ingredients that can actually lead to poor nutrition in your dog. These foods can contain poor sources of protein like soybean meal, corn meal and whole corn. These protein sources are just not as good as meat.

Other things are also added to dog food that you probably don’t want your dog to eat. Pet food manufacturers commonly add chemical preservatives like BHA and BHT, food coloring, and by-products which are animal parts that you might not feed to your dog knowingly.

Your best bet is to find the most healthy, human grade, vitamin and mineral enriched food that you can. Your dog can benefit immensely from a diet like this and you can have peace of mind knowing exactly what you are giving your dog.

Better nutrition equals better health, less vet bills and a longer, happier life for your small dog.

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March 2, 2005 11:11 - Small Dogs Are Tops!

The AKC reports that the Ten Most Popular Dogs for 2004 are as follows:

#1 Labrador Retriever

#2 Golden Retriever

#3 German Shepherd

#4 Beagle

#5 Yorkshire Terrier

#6 Dachshund

#7 Boxer

#8 Poodle

#9 Shih Tzu

#10 Chihuahua

Of course, we at know why 6 out of the above mentioned dogs are SMALL dogs! They are the best! It seems that the popularity of small breed dogs just grows year to year. What can be attributed to the growing need for lap-sized loving fur balls? We don’t know for sure, but it might have something to do with "stars" like Eddy from "Frasier" or Paris Hilton’s "Tinkerbell". These pups bring their adorable breeds to the forefront of pop culture!

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February 24, 2005 14:35 - Does Your Dog Have The Right Stuff?

The sport of Dog Agility may be for you and your dog if you both have what it takes. The sport involves a dog going through an obstacle course while being timed. The dogs that compete in these agility trials are energetic and athletic!
The handler of the dog guides the dog through a predetermined sequence of these obstacles. Handlers use hand signals and commands to aide the dog but cannot touch the dog. The competing dogs are only judged against dogs within the same category according to size.

The coolest thing is that agility competitions are open to ALL types of dogs. Purebred and mixed breed dogs are welcome to join in. If you think this is a sport you may be interested in, check within your area or with your vet or local agencies to see if there is somewhere close-by where you can get started!

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