Small Dog Rescue and Avoiding It

Small dog rescues exist because people didn’t put a lot of thought into what it would be like to live with a dog.

Please know the dog before you bring it home.

Make sure you know the characteristics of that particular breed. Find out everything you possibly can about it. Visit with her and get to know her.

When choosing a dog, consider your lifestyle and choose accordingly. You could be living with the dog for a long time and you should be suited to each other. It is absolutely necessary to be willing to feed, train, walk and do whatever is needed for the dog.

You must be as responsible as possible when caring for your dog. Many are at pounds or rescues because of carelessness of their owner. Their dogs get lost and are picked up and taken to the pound or are stolen. If your dog is lost call the pounds and rescues right away in case she is there. Don’t wait or it may be too late.

Another reason for small dog rescues is a dog’s owner failing to get their buddy neutered. The dog gets out, mates and has puppies that are taken to a shelter.

It is good to adopt a dog from a shelter.

Make sure to ask questions that would include:

* Was she abused?

* Can I spend some time with her before making deciding?

* Has she been vaccinated?

* Does she show signs of aggressiveness?

Ask a lot of questions before you make a final decision. Please select carefully.

Indy and Molly both say:

Have a heart and don’t let our friends end up in a place that makes them so sad. They will love you lots and lots if you treat them right. They just want to be your best friend.

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