Are Yorkies Right for You?

Yorkshire Terriers or Yorkies are one of the smallest breeds. They are in the toy group and are small because Scottish breeders carried these little ratters in their pockets to rat-killing competitions.

At one time, they were ratters for weaving and clothing factories.

These little dogs are very energetic and need physical exercise. They will get it inside or out. Being very inquisitive, they are into everything and can fit into a very small space.

They like the outdoors and should wear a coat or sweater when going out, if it’s chilly. They love being part of the family and fun also, but if you don’t let them know who the boss is they will run you.

Some small breeds, especially Yorkies, have softer than normal windpipes. He can wear a collar to carry an ID, but it’s best to use a harness for walking. Never use a choke chain because of his delicate windpipe.

The long silky coat on a Yorkshire Terrier is beautiful, but has no undercoat for protection. You should use a slick brush so as not to scratch his skin and he should be combed everyday.

Some other characteristics of Yorkies are:

  • Color is blue and tan
  • Tiny bodies
  • Cesarean sections are common in Yorkies
  • Life expectancy is 12.8 years
  • They are least likely to die from cancer
  • Strong willed
  • Loves family
  • Trainable
  • Love affection

These small dogs are one of the most popular breeds today as they were in Victorian England. However they are one of the breeds most likely to snap at children. Because they are small they should be handled gently. If your children are rough this may be a good reason to consider another breed.

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